The SME Instrument for Horizon Europe

The EIC Accelerator is one of the EU's most exciting and demanding funding instruments. The EU wants to support innovative and ambitious small and medium-sized companies across Europe. The focus is on deep-tech innovation and ideas associated with high risks but having the potential to generate high impacts. EurA AG has been involved since the start of the programme in 2014. Today we are one of the market leaders in Germany with over 200 applications. In addition, with more than 180 employees, we are one of the largest consulting firms in this field. Thus, we have many years of experience and expertise to make your application a success. So far, we helped our clients to get more than 100 million Euros in EIC grants.

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What does the EIC Accelerator currently look like?

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We support you as partner right from the start: From the conception and preparation of the proposal, to project support and accounting - and of course beyond.

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Where does the programme start?

Often national subsidies support companies during the development of a prototype or demonstrator (up to TRL 5-6). The financial burden during the optimisation of the prototype/demonstrator and the commercialisation & market launch must be borne by the company alone. And this is exactly where the EIC Accelerator comes in: it has a special focus on companies whose next steps are aimed at further development and introduction of prototypes into the European market. Target group are companies with innovations at a TRL of 5-6.

SME Instrument/EIC Accelerator - TRL 6 Explanation
Technology Readiness Level Overview

Why is the programme so unique?

  • Your company can be supported individually
  • Completely topic-and industry-open funding programme
  • The focus is on the growth potential of your company
  • Your international market approach is promoted
  • By focusing on market introduction and commercialisation, many types of costs are promoted that would not be promoted by a national funding programme
  • With up to 2.5 million € per project and a blended finance option (up to 15 million €) one of the most attractive funding programmes worlwide

The beneficiaries are among the most innovative companies in Europe and will also have access to exclusive Business Acceleration Services.

EIC Accelerator Challenges 2023:

Who can apply?

The EIC Accelerator focuses on small and medium-sized companies with disruptive innovations and clear growth ambitions. Companies with innovative ideas that want to trigger radical changes and lastingly change the market.

 Your company is an SME if...

  •  you employ less than 250 people
  • AND your turnover does not exceed 50 million € or your balance sheet total is less than 43 million €


Application only for single companies:

SMEs are only able to submit individual applications. Collaborative projects are therefore not possible. Depending on the nature of the project, the partners' activities can still be included as subcontracts (we will be happy to examine this possibility for you).


Further EU funding opportunities...

The EU offers other exciting funding opportunities for all Technology Readiness Levels: from specific calls to open programmes.

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