First information about deadlines in 2021

EIC Accelerator: First deadlines planned for 2021 on 9 June and 6 October
Source: European Comission, Horizon Europe - Investing to shape our future, June 2020

Now it is getting more concrete: In addition to drafts for the final work programme of the EIC Accelerator for 2021 and beyond (see here for more information), there are now initial plans for the deadlines:

While short applications can be submitted at any time, there will as previously be deadlines for the submission of full proposals. The first such deadline is therefore planned for June 9th. A further deadline is expected on October 6th.


For all those interested in applying to the EIC Accelerator, the portal for submitting short applications could be open already in spring. Therefore, prepare yourself well in advance to be one of the first to submit.

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