EIC Accelerator: 986 proposals submitted on June Deadline

A total of 986 applications were submitted to the EIC Accelerator by the deadline of 15 June 2022.


Compared to the previous deadlines, this represents a slight decrease: 1,093 applications were submitted in March 2022 and 1,109 in October 2021.


At country level, Germany took the top spot with 110 applications submitted - followed by Israel (87), Italy (85) and Spain (81).


While 74% of applicants applied to the EIC Accelerator Open, 26% of applications were submitted in one of the two Challenges.


Despite the well-known delays in payment, Blended Finance remains the tool of choice: a total of 638 companies (65%) have opted for Blended Finance, 158 others for Grant First (16%) and 190 companies (19%) are hoping for funding without equity capital (Grant Only).


In the past two deadlines, the evaluation could be expected after about 30 days. If this is the case again, the results should be announced in mid-July 2022.



The interviews are planned for the period 12-23 September 2022.

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