Overview: EIC 2023 deadlines, topics & dates
News from Brussels · 30. January 2023
Once again this year, you can apply for attractive funding from the EIC. Visit the free digital EIC Infodays to find out more.

Still popular: the EIC Accelerator
EIC Accelerator · 23. January 2023
The first call for applications for the EIC Accelerator, with a deadline of 11 January 2023, received 476 applications.

Women TechEU: 467 applications submitted
Funding Programme · 06. October 2022
In the second round of the Women TechEU programme, 467 applications were submitted by female-led start-ups from 35 EU and associated countries.

Women TechEU enters the second round: Exclusive support for innovative female founders
Funding Programme · 05. July 2022
The programme supports innovative female founders with €75,000 and targeted coaching. For the second round, the budget has now been more than doubled.

EIC Accelerator: 986 proposals submitted on June Deadline
EIC Accelerator · 29. June 2022
By the deadline of 15 June 2022, 986 applications were submitted to the EIC Accelerator. This is less than the previous deadline.

753 project ideas submitted in Swiss Accelerator
Funding Programme · 24. May 2022
As an alternative to the EIC Accelerator, the Swiss Accelerator is enjoying great popularity. A total of 753 project ideas were submitted by the deadline - far more than expected.

Interview Invitations sent
EIC Accelerator Interviews · 26. April 2022
265 companies have been invited to pitch their projects to the jury. The interviews will take place from 10th to 18th May 2022.

EIC Accelerator: 1,093 full applications submitted
News from Brussels · 28. March 2022
On the first cut-off in 2022, a total of 1,093 EIC Accelerator proposals have been submitted.

EIC Work Programme 2022 published
Funding Programme · 09. February 2022
The EIC Work Programme for 2022 has been published. The first deadline in the EIC Accelerator is 23 March 2022.

January deadline for the EIC Accelerator cancelled!
News from Brussels · 10. December 2021
Initially, it was planned that companies would be able to submit their full proposals to the EIC Accelerator by four deadlines in the new year. However, the first deadline on 12 January has now been cancelled.

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