News from Brussels

News from Brussels · 04. August 2020
The EIC Pilot Advisory Board took a close look at the last deadlines of the EIC Accelerator Pilot and developed recommendations on how the EIC Accelerator should be implemented in the new framework programme Horizon Europe. In this article we have a look.

News from Brussels · 24. July 2020
The Green Deal deadline with a focus on environmentally relevant innovations was again highly competitive with 2,101 applications. Find out how Germany and the other countries performed here.

News from Brussels · 07. April 2020
What consequences does COVID-19 have for the duration of the project, the end of the project, the payments, etc.?

News from Brussels · 26. March 2020
It is clear: the deadline of 19 May 2020 is entirely in line with the Green Deal. There will also be a quota for companies with female leaders for the interview.

News from Brussels · 25. February 2020
The EU is looking for women innovators who are bringing game-changing innovations to market and who have achieved outstanding achievements in running innovative companies. For this 4 women will be awarded by the jury and honoured with prize money.

News from Brussels · 12. February 2020
New details: The deadline of 19 May 2020 is to be set in line with the Green Deal. A quota for companies with female management for the interview is also to be introduced.

News from Brussels · 27. January 2020
The deadline of the SME Instrument on 19 May 2020 is expected to address applicants with project ideas for the "Green Deal" and companies with female leaders.

News from Brussels · 30. September 2019
In its Innovation Kitchen Report, the European Innovation Council (EIC) reviews the SME instrument since its launch in 2014 and publishes interesting facts and figures. We've taken a closer look at the report.