What does the new EIC Accelerator look like?

Insights into planned changes from 2021 on

One thing is certain: the EIC Accelerator will also be part of the new Horizon Europe framework programme. However, there is no final work programme so far. Nevertheless, there are already drafts, which are generally very similar to the final Work Programme. We can therefore already take a look at what awaits applicants from 2021.

The new EIC Accelerator will have a different application process from 2021 on

What's changing?

With the end of 2020 the pilot phase of the EIC Accelerator will also end. The experiences from the 5 pilot deadlines will be incorporated into the new EIC Accelerator. For the official launch of the EIC Accelerator under the new Horizon Europe Framework Programme in 2021, especially the application process will change. It is not yet clear when the final work programme will be published - the corona pandemic has also caused a lot of turbulence in the EU' s timetable. What is certain, however, is that the application phase will start as early as possible.

Anyone considering to submit an application to the new EIC Accelerator should therefore start preparing now in order to be one of the first to get their application submitted.

Funding |

Funding focus

The new programme will continue to fund costs for market-oriented optimisation, pilot projects and commercialisation. This means that not much will change here. Companies will therefore continue to benefit from attractive funding rates and many eligible cost types (More details).

Type of funding

Blended finance will no longer be just an option, but will become standard. Companies that do not want to apply for blended finance must be able to justify this very well. However, the level of funding and blended finance will remain the same (More details).

Application |

There are to be fundamental changes in the application process. A record number of applications submitted, historically low success rates and the large amount of luck it now takes to be invited for an interview due to the large number of applicants, make these changes necessary.

Until now, companies have had to submit a full proposal directly (30 pages + pitch deck + integrated financial planning) - a major hurdle, especially for start-ups. Only those who receive top marks here are invited for an interview. The jury there decides whether or not to provide funding.

EIC Accelerator 2021: A third application step will be introduced consisting of a short apllication pitch deck and video

From 2021 on, this process will be extended by a preliminary stage consisting of a short application, a pitch deck and a motivation video . Only those who are positively assessed here will be allowed to submit a full proposal. This will enable the EIC to make a pre-selection and thus increase the chances of success for those who are selected to submit a full proposal.

In addition, the number of re-submissions (so far unlimited) are to be limited to 2 attempts per application step. If these attempts are unsuccessful, the company will not be able to resubmit for a longer period of time (the exact period of closure is still unclear). This is also an attempt to reduce the large number of resubmissions.

Important: The submission and evaluation of short applications will take place at any time and is no longer bound to certain deadlines. Only for the full proposal there will be fixed deadlines for submission and evaluation.

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