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Creapaper GmbH

Funding: 1.9 million Euro | Phase 2

Funding: 1.7 million Euro | EIC Accelerator

"The EurA AG team supported us in two successful applications to the EU's EIC Accelerator funding programme. With tireless commitment, a high level of expertise and a quick understanding of our technology, we were able to successfully master the complex and highly competitive application process. Even during the projects, EurA confidently supports us with reporting, project accounting or change requests to ensure that we achieve our goals. We would engage EurA again for similar projects anytime!"

Michael Schatzschneider, CFO Creapaper


Creapaper is revolutionising the paper and packaging industry with grass paper. The multi-award-winning SME from Hennef has developed a novel, purely mechanical process to obtain a fibre for paper production from grass. The ecological balance is many times better compared to paper production from wood. During production, the consumption of energy and water ...

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Funding: € 2.2 million | Phase 2

"With EurA we have a truly professional and reliable partner on our side.
The employees are motivated and work on the project with enthusiasm."

Daniel Hannemann, Managing Director TESVOLT

The share of renewable energies such as wind and solar energy that are integrated into the power grids is constantly increasing worldwide. However, these types of energy are very volatile, as they supply different amounts of energy depending on ...

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Silexica GmbH

Funding: € 2 million | Phase 2

"EurA has given us very good and extensive support from the very beginning of our application for the SME instrument.

Without EurA's outstanding expertise and performance we would not have made it to Brussels.

The cooperation with EurA was excellent and we would come back to it in the future. The support was competent and we felt we were in good hands.

EurA has taken a lot of the work off our hands, which is much more than we expected in an EU project.

A clear recommendation for all those who would like to apply for SME funding! "

Johannes Emigholz, Co Founder Silexica


There is a significant problem in the development of intelligent technologies such as autonomous vehicles or drones, because hardware development is far ahead of software development. Although the necessary powerful hardware - especially multi-core processors - is already available, there is a great need to catch up in the programming of software, which is supposed to run on hardware platforms with increasingly complex and heterogeneous components. Since there is no tool that can simulate the entire functionality of such platforms, system overloads and instability often occur. Silexica is developing the solution: SLX is the first programming tool with full system simulation capabilities and is designed to ...

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LightnTec GmbH

Funding: € 2.2 million | Phase 2

"We are grateful for the competent and cooperative partnership between LightnTec and EurA, which led to this successful application.
Following this positive decision, we have a tight work programme ahead of us. Our first important goal is to ensure a homogeneous filling factor of the individual light points on a rollable foil.

This will enable additional applications and make the addressable market even bigger. Already now, numerous international customers and partners trust in our technology".

Florian Kall and Lutz Nehrhoff from Holderberg, Managing Directors LightnTec

LightnTec was founded in early 2016 and is based in Karlsruhe. Using sensor-controlled, intelligent, flexible, rollable, cuttable, thin and ultra-lightweight lighting foils, LightnTec unleashes the power of seamless integration of advertising, lighting and room designs in real time - "AI Light 2.0". LightnTec digitises rooms that actively guide, inform and entertain. With "Digital Wallpaper", LightnTec has developed a unique video-controlled lighting film and brought it to market maturity. The sensor-controlled, flexible and ultra-lightweight films are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The solution with the intelligent material closes the gap ...

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